Posted by Suzanne Hanas on Apr 29, 2020

There is a group of people who have answered a call to comfort the sick, rescue children, and save lives without anyone really taking much notice. They do not seek applause; they seek to help and to heal. When we look up the definition of hero it says person of a brave spirit, bold and courageous, especially during times of war. The battlefield today does not lay on foreign soil but is in the corridors of hospitals and residential care communities from coast to coast.

Healthcare personnel, nurses, doctors, respiratory therapists, lab technicians, and many other members of the team, are true heroes. They stand on the front line, selfless and generous, risking their lives. They bring with them years of training and a strong desire to help others. Their honed skill set has equipped them to respond with an immediacy that has many times been lifesaving.

I have witnessed this energy and response and stand amazed. They chose this profession and continue to choose it time and again. They have answered a calling to do something greater than themselves.

These heroes of healthcare continue to expose themselves to work that requires standing on their feet for hours, missing nutritious meals, not hydrating enough, not taking bathroom breaks, and putting themselves in harm’s way of catching a deadly communicable disease all in a day’s work. Why do they do this? Because they care for others and possess an inherent drive to heal. They trained to offer curative measures and chose these professions or perhaps, the profession chose them.

I was asked while working as an RN in a cardiovascular intensive care unit, early in my nursing career, why I went into nursing and did I take care of myself? The answer is yes and no. Yes, I wanted to be at work, it was my passion and I loved it. No, I did not think about taking care of myself, I just did that automatically.

Helping others is the highest calling. Little things like having a day off to enjoy a change of scenery and meet with family and friends was enough to get me ready to go back, roll up my sleeves and know how lucky I am to have this calling.

I am honored to be a part of this team of healthcare workers. Together we work in the trenches so that we might continue to help those who are suffering. What a privilege to work along side others who have also chosen to make a difference in the lives of so many. There is no greater calling…