We are seeing challenges like our nation has not known before. The real Superheroes are the medical professionals from coast to coast who are on the front lines saving lives on an hourly basis. Many are looking to these doctors, nurses and therapists for a life raft in the middle of a stormy sea. We are in uncharted waters here.

We are entering into an entirely new world that requires “a new way of doing things”. There are healthcare professionals who may have been under your radar but had your best interests at heart and have been planning ahead for a long time.

Premier Life Care Management has been utilizing virtual health assessments since September of 2019. This new way of doing things was initiated to reach those in rural regions and underserved areas. The initial virtual visits had very positive outcomes and were well received by the patients, their families and medical facilities.

Premier Life Care Management brings 40+ years of experience to the table and has teams of highly trained RNs nationwide.

Through the virtual visits, clients were able to answer questions to provide a framework for an individualized care plan. The RNs were then able to collaborate with the providers in their areas to meet the needs of the clients. By use of smart phones, they were able to electronically transmit Electro Cardiograms.

When the COVID 19 crisis arrived, new challenges arose. Quarantined individuals, “sheltering in place” requirements, and facilities going on “lockdown” prevented visitations. Premier Life Care Management was able to respond with virtual visits and at the same time facility oversight. Their Care Management Team continues to contact clients, unit nurses and social workers in order to schedule and coordinate the virtual meetings.

Here is What You Need to Know About Telemedicine:

  • It can be done over the phone, via Zoom, Skype or Face Time.
  • Premier Life Care Management has an assessment tool that requires the RN conducting the virtual assessment to review the following:
  • All anatomical systems, vital signs, current weight, hydration, nutrition, hygiene, exercise, and activities.
  • Patient’s mood and cognition is also evaluated.
  • Skin checks are done that identify skin breakdown, rashes, and areas of concern.
  • The assessment continues to review infection control, fall and safety precautions, hand washing, healthy distancing, and any signs and symptoms that need to be reported to a medical doctor.
  • The frequency of virtual visits is determined by healthcare needs, level of morbidity and agreement from the client and healthcare agent.
  • Strict privacy, HIPAA policies are followed.

We are entering into an entirely new world that requires “a new way of doing things”. It’s good to know one company had you in mind all along. Apparently, there are a lot more Superheroes than we realized…