Over the past several months, the painful photos we have seen and stories we have lived through as a nation have been shocking. Never in a million years did we imagine having a pandemic hit so close to home. America has faced some intense challenges and will surely continue to do so as we navigate the decisions before us all.

Most people are not given over to change very easily. Some have acclimated to working from home while others are still nervous over the very thought of not going into the office to receive instructions for the day. Families who have been in a routine of 2-minute conversations here and there, are now having quantity time together like it or not! By now, the acrylic nails have run their course, grey hair is making a debut and sister Sally has the family lined up in the hall waiting for their special version of a do-it-yourself haircut with the kitchen scissors.

When Will We Ever Get Back to Normal?

Will We Ever Get Back to Normal?

What does that even mean anymore? One lady put it like this: Normal is just a setting on the dryer! We miss our extended families, friends, co-workers, networking buddies, and some of us even miss going to the gym believe it or not. During all this craziness, maybe, just maybe, some good is coming out of it all.
Relative Recognition – You may have lived in the same house with your children, but schedules BC (Before Coronavirus) used to be so hectic with work, school, sports and social events your family became a blur of activity flying in and out of the door. And now, we are seeing familiar faces around the dinner table wondering…who are you and how long has your hair been blue? Maybe it is time to really get to know who we live with and what’s important to them. It is possible to reconnect in ways we never made time to explore before.

Possessions and Perspective - Something to consider; maybe we do not need as much as we thought in order to be happy. In the past we may have run to the malls for shopping therapy, adding new outfits and jewelry to our already packed closets. Now as many continue to shelter in place, we have opportunity to clear out those closets, dust the shelves and re-evaluate how we spend our time and money. Perhaps there is a purpose we are here to fulfill on planet earth. Maybe we never gave that thought our attention long enough to discover what that looks like or how to pursue it. What if that discovery is where our fulfillment will come from and not the gathering of items we do not need?

Creative Calculations – There are certain industries who have really taken a hit with the pandemic: retail shops, restaurants, movie theaters, concert venues, hotels, airlines and the list continues. Just because many have been forced to close their doors (temporarily or otherwise) does not mean we close our minds to new ways of doing business.

If retail shops were not already set up to do sales online, they sure are scrambling now to get it together. Medical offices and clinics who previously served only those patients with appointments and walk ins are now navigating the Tele-Medicine solution. Wedding planners, event spaces, churches, temples and DJs are all having to think outside of their normal process to create a comeback. While many DJs have already thrown in the towel, I just saw one who decided to do business differently! He created Driveway DJ providing social distancing block parties with dancing, games and driveway bingo! Each family stays on their own driveway with snacks and great music enjoying their neighbors at a safe distance. How wonderful is that?

Is change for the better? Is this our time of challenge or opportunity? If it challenges us to be better people, willing to grow and expand our ways of reaching others with positive forces, then I would say yes! This is not the time to sit and wait for an unemployment check or stimulus envelope to save us. This is our hour to stand up and be counted - not as victims but as victorious people. Choose to see the challenge as a green light to hit the gas, look both ways and drive on into an amazing future filled with possibilities!